Elevate Your Décor with Image Splits & Wall Clusters

Image splits and wall clusters are innovative approaches to decorating walls by arranging multiple images in a cohesive and visually appealing manner. Image splits involve dividing a single image into multiple panels or sections, which are then spaced apart and displayed together on a wall.

On the other hand, photo frame clusters offer versatility in arranging a collection of images, artwork, or photographs in a clustered layout. They enable individuals to express their unique style and interests while transforming blank walls into captivating focal points.

Both techniques provide opportunities for personalization and expression. They allow you to curate gallery walls that reflect your personality and aesthetic preferences. Whether used individually or in combination, image splits and cluster wall art enhance the visual appeal of any interior space, making it feel more inviting and engaging.

They are best used to elevate home decor, create visually stimulating environments in office spaces, showcase products, promotions, and branding in retail stores, and enhance the ambiance of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Besides, they prove functional in exhibitions, galleries, museums, educational institutions, and more.

Customize Image Splits & Wall Clusters with Vivyx

At Vivyx you have the freedom to design and style your living area, commercial space or gallery exactly as you envision. Choose from our multiple sizes and design layouts that cohesively adorn your wall dimensions and overall room aesthetics. Just upload your artwork online and drag the image to adjust the print area for the best results. We use high-definition printing techniques to produce clear and vivid prints.

Explore our premium-grade papers designed to meet every printing need. From the glossy sheen of photo paper to the subtle elegance of satin, the captivating shimmer of metallic, and museum-grade paper, we offer a diverse range of options to elevate your custom prints to the next level.

For a sleek display, choose from our multiple mounting options, like foam core wrap and foam core edges. Each of the options offers a range of depths and styles to suit your display preferences. You can customize art cluster walls with photographs, artwork, illustrations, posters, quotes or typography, maps or diagrams, plants or botanical prints, and more. Feel free to mix and match these elements to create a visually engaging and personalized display on your image splits and photo wall clusters.


1. How do you arrange 4 pictures on a wall?

Ans: Arrange four same-sized pictures on a wall by placing them in a balanced group of two pictures side by side, and the other two pictures positioned beneath them to create cluster of photos on the wall.

2. How do you hang 3 pictures of different sizes?

Ans: To create a cluster frame wall with pictures of varying sizes, position the largest piece in the bottom left of the space, the middle-sized picture in the top right, and the smallest picture in the bottom right. This arrangement ensures visual balance and harmony.

3. What is the ideal spacing for hanging split canvas prints?

Ans: We recommend leaving at least a 1-inch space between each panel when displaying your split canvas prints.

4. What are the benefits of using a wall image split?

Ans: Wall image splits offer a contemporary and distinctive aesthetic to any space. They provide a creative way to showcase large images or artwork, making a bold statement in interior design.

5. What sizes are available for wall image split?

Ans: Wall image splits come in various sizes and configurations to suit different spaces and preferences. Common options include 3-panel, 4-panel, or larger configurations, offering flexibility to achieve the desired visual impact in any room.

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