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Premium Satin Photo Paper
Premium Metallic Photo Paper
Gloss Photo Paper
Premium Matte Photo Paper
Premium Gloss Photo Paper
Canvas Paper
Satin Photo Paper
Velvet Rag Art Paper
Black & WhiteSepia
Black & White
3/16” White Foam Board1/2” Black Foam Board1/2” White Foam Board1/16” Mat Board
3/16” Black Foam Board
3/16” White Foam Board
1/2” Black Foam Board
1/2” White Foam Board
1/16” Mat Board
Stainless Standoff Posts (1Stainless Standoff Posts (5/8
Stainless Standoff Posts (1" dia)
Stainless Standoff Posts (5/8" dia)
Total : $ 12.09

Your Choice of Quality Papers & Finish

Foamboard signs start with a print on paper, which is then permanently mounted to foamcore board.

For best price, choose Economy Poster Paper. For higher end results, choose from our many photo/art paper options - from satin or gloss photo paper, to high end specialty papers like metallic photo paper.

Your Choice of Board Size/Color

  3/16" White                                      1/2" White                                3/16" Black                                   1/2" Black
Framing your print? If you are self framing your print, it is highly recommended that you mount it on 3/16" white foam core. This
prevents your print from developing waves over time as a result of humidity and gravity.

Finishing Options


1/2" thick panel affixed to the back of your mount, with easy hanging system so you can hang it in just a few minutes!

Add $11.5


Adding an Easel Back allows your mount to sit on any flat surface.

Add $5.75


Available in .5" increments.

From 8" x 8" up to 24" x 36".

No custom size fees!


Get Your Print Any Size You Need!

Custom sizes, no extra charge! We ship foamboard signs up to 24" x 36" in size - and any size up to that. Specify your size in 1/2" increments.


Will My Image Work?

16" x 20"1600+ x 2000+ pixels2400+ x 3000+ pixels3200+ x 4000+ pixels
18" x 24"1800+ x 2400+ pixels2700+ x 3600+ pixels3600+ x 4800+ pixels
20" x 24"2000+ x 2400+ pixels3000+ x 3600+ pixels4000+ x 4800+ pixels
20" x 30"2000+ x 3000+ pixels3000+ x 4500+ pixels4000+ x 6000+ pixels
22" x 28"2200+ x 2800+ pixels3300+ x 4200+ pixels4400+ x 5600+ pixels
24" x 32"2400+ x 3200+ pixels3600+ x 4800+ pixels4800+ x 6400+ pixels
24" x 36"2400+ x 3600+ pixels3600+ x 5400+ pixels4800+ x 7200+ pixels
30" x 40"3000+ x 4000+ pixels4500+ x 6000+ pixels6000+ x 8000+ pixels
30" x 45"3000+ x 4500+ pixels4500+ x 6750+ pixels6000+ x 9000+ pixels
32" x 40"3200+ x 4000+ pixels4800+ x 6000+ pixels6400+ x 8000+ pixels
36" x 48"3600+ x 4800+ pixels5400+ x 7200+ pixels7200+ x 9600+ pixels
36" x 54"3600+ x 5400+ pixels5400+ x 8100+ pixels7200+ x 10800+ pixels
Files we accept
  • • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • • Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
  • • Bitmap (.bmp)
  • • Encapusulated Postscript (.eps)
  • • GIF (.gif)
  • • JPEG (.jpg)
  • • PNG (.png)
  • • TIFF (.tif)

Preparing Your Files for Print

We do not recommend the economy poster option for printing of photographs. Please see Photo & Art Prints or Canvas Prints for digital photo printing.
  • • Economy posters always include about a 1/4" white margin around the edge of the print. Any borders included in your image will be printed in addition to this default margin. For borderless printing see Photo & Art Prints
  • • Margins or crop marks in your file WILL be in your print.
  • • Don't leave transparencies where you want white background - fill them with white. Our image processor sees transparency on the edges of a PDF file as margin to crop out, and can reduce the printed area of your image as a result.
  • • DO choose to "embed fonts" when you save out your print ready file - otherwise we may not have the font you used, and our system will replace it with a generic font that you probably won't like.
Make all color adjustments before uploading your file. We do NOT adjust color - we assume you have the color the way you want it in your image. We also do not reprint on color alone.