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Smooth Coroplast Board
Coroplast Board
Smooth Coroplast Board
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Transform Your Message into a Visual Masterpiece with Our Custom Coroplast Signs

Explore the realm of adaptable signage with our Coroplast Signs, where endless customization awaits. Available in dimensions from a petite 8" to an impressive 120" in height, our Coroplast yard signs are tailored to fit any setting or purpose. Personalization isn’t merely available - it’s a given, ensuring that whether square or rectangle, each piece distinctly represents your message.

Choose Your Foundation: Durable Print Materials

Our print materials are designed for endurance and impact, ideal for custom coroplast signs:

  • Coroplast Board: At a sturdy thickness of 3/16", this option features a vinyl adhesive surface, combining durability with the ease of personalization. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, its resilience makes it an ideal choice for coroplast yard signs and displays that stand the test of time
  • Smooth Coroplast Board: Mirroring the first in thickness of 3/16" and personalization capabilities, the smooth variant offers a vinyl adhesive surface that ensures your graphics are displayed crisply and cleanly, maintaining a professional look in any environment, suitable for corrugated sign printing

Visual Impact with Special Effects

Revitalize your visuals through our spectrum of special effects, enhancing the narrative of your corrugated plastic sign board. In the Original effect, your design bursts forth in its full-color splendor, preserving the vibrancy and genuine essence of your artwork. Transition to Black & White to embrace the eternal charm of grayscale, adding a refined touch to your prints. The Sepia effect bathes your visuals in warm, nostalgic tones, perfect for creating an ambiance rich with vintage mystique on outdoor corrugated plastic signs.

Display Your Coroplast Sign with Confidence with Command Strips

Secure your Coroplast board precisely where you need it with our Command Hanging Strip options, ensuring stability and versatility:

  • Medium Strips: Designed for versatility, with options for up to 12 lbs (4 sets, 3 lb each), and for up to 6 lbs (2 sets, 3 lb each) for medium weight display
  • Large Strips: Crafted for varying load capacities, available up to 16 lbs (4 sets, 4 lb each), and up to 8 lbs (2 sets, 4 lb each) for heavier displays

With these comprehensive specifications, from customizable sizing to specialized print materials and hanging solutions, your Coroplast board signage transcends ordinary display options, becoming a reflection of your brand’s character and vision, engineered for both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting performance.

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