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Backlit Film
Black & White
Poster Hanging StripsMedium Strips (upto 12lbs)Large Strips (upto 16lbs)Medium Strips (upto 6lbs)Large Strips (upto 8lbs)
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Poster Hanging Strips
Medium Strips (upto 12lbs)
Large Strips (upto 16lbs)
Medium Strips (upto 6lbs)
Large Strips (upto 8lbs)
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Customize Your Display with Versatile Premium Backlit Film

Dive into the world of tailored dimensions with our versatile backlit photo prints, where customization is key. From the compact 8" to the expansive 120" in height, our range is designed to perfectly fit your space and vision. With personalization readily available, your creative essence is infused into every inch, crafting a piece that is uniquely yours. Whether opting for the classic simplicity of square or the elongated elegance of rectangle shapes, your choice shapes the narrative of your display.

Illuminate Your Art with Premium Backlit Film Materials

Explore the luminous possibilities with our Backlit Film, an 8 mm thick canvas that brings your artwork to life with radiant gloss and full bleed options. This high-quality backlit film is not just about displaying images; it’s about ensuring they shine, durable and fade-resistant to maintain their visual impact under extended light exposure. Personalize your piece with custom printed backlit film to create a display that glows with vibrancy, making every view a lasting impression.

Evoke Emotions with Special Effects

Transform your visuals with our special effects. The Original setting maintains the true colors and essence of your design, while Black & White casts a timeless, sophisticated grayscale, enhancing depth. Sepia infuses warm brown tones, adding a vintage charm that evokes nostalgia, creating narrative rich in history and beauty with backlit photo prints.

Versatile Display with Command Hanging Strips

Every picture has a story, and how it's hung is a crucial part of that tale. Enter the world of our Command Hanging Strips, designed not just to hang but to enhance the story of your artwork. From the gentle grip for the lightest of posters to the firm hold for the weightiest of frames, our strips are the invisible, steadfast characters in the narrative of your space's design:

  • Medium Strips: 4 sets designed to support up to 12 lbs total (each set holds 3 lbs) and 2 sets capable of holding up to 6 lbs total (each set holds 3 lbs)
  • Large Strips: 4 sets that can support up to 16 lbs in total (each set sustains 4 lbs) and 2 sets designed to hold up to 8 lbs in total (each set sustains 4 lbs)

Craft Your Spaces with Personal Expression and Aesthetic Mastery

Within the carefully chosen array of sizes, materials, including backlit film printing, and innovative hanging options, your artwork becomes more than an object; it becomes a testament to personal expression and aesthetic beauty. Each piece emerges as a pivotal element in your space, resonating with onlookers and leaving a lasting imprint of beauty and creative ingenuity. This careful curation ensures that your vision is not just displayed but is experienced profoundly, turning every moment of viewing into an encounter with inspiration and wonder.