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Lift Your Space's Aesthetic with Economy Posters

Revitalize any setting with our adaptable Economy Poster, crafted to align with your specific demands. From a modest 8" to a grand 120" in height, these posters seamlessly adapt to any area, regardless of size. Opt for square or rectangle shapes to complement your artistic intentions. Ideal for custom wall posters and personalized wall posters, our service ensures that every piece is a reflection of your personal style.

Pick from Our Diverse Excellent Materials and Designs

  • Economy Poster Paper: Boasting a 47 lbs matte-coated texture, this option is perfect for non-photographic content and routine print needs, complete with a neat 1/4" white border, embodying the essence of matte poster printing
  • Gloss Photo Paper: This 235-GSM paper shines with a glossy, reflective finish, ideal for making photos, banners, and signs stand out, featuring edge-to-edge full bleed printing
  • Adhesive Backed Glossy Paper: At 3.4 mm thickness, this glossy, self-adhesive variant is perfect for applying to flat surfaces, with waterproof inks to boost longevity
  • Premium Matte Photo Paper: With a 240-GSM weight, this paper offers a subtle matte finish, best suited for high-quality art and photography, allowing for full bleed outputs and representing high-quality poster printing

Bring to life with Innovative Special Effects

Original maintains the true essence of your artwork; Black & White converts your visuals into elegant grayscale; while Sepia infuses your images with a warm, aged look. Our Clearshield 3mm Gloss lamination, applied with precision using the Sirclelam EM-40 Laminator, not only extends the life of your high-quality poster printing but also protects them from UV damage, preserving their premium appearance and ensuring affordable poster printing.

Made-to-Order Presentation Varieties: Custom Print, Mount, and Frame Options

  • Just Print: This option centers on reproducing your image/artwork on any chosen paper, guaranteeing outstanding color fidelity and personalization, without any bleed, perfect for customized posters for wall
  • Mounting: Mount your poster on a backing board, with five distinct customization options to suit any style. Choose from any paper type, ensuring excellent color accuracy and no bleed for a polished look. Our options include 3/16 Black or White foam board, 1/2 Black or White foam board, and 1/16 Mat board, all allowing for personalized features like wrap mounts and custom edge colors, ensuring your personalized posters presentation is both unique and impactful
  • Framing: Enhance your poster with a frame, choosing from 34 stylish designs, allowing further customization through foreground and background mats, in both framed or unframed configurations

Use Exquisite Display and Hanging Techniques

Boost your display capabilities with our diverse Command Hanging Strip selections, designed to hold paintings, hangings, and frames securely. Our offerings include:

  • Hanging Strips: Ranging from light poster strips to Medium and Large Strips, supporting weights from 6 lbs to 16 lbs. We offer:
    • Medium strips available in two configurations: 4 sets supporting up to 12 lbs total (3 lbs each) and 2 sets supporting up to 6 lbs total (3 lbs each)
    • Large strips available in two configurations: 4 sets supporting up to 16 lbs total (4 lbs each) and 2 sets supporting up to 8 lbs total (4 lbs each)
  • Backing Options:
    • Floating Block Hanger: Offers a floating appearance with a 1/2" thick panel and an easy hanging system, attached to the frame's back, enabling quick installation
    • Easel Style Display Black: Provides sturdy support for table-top display, allowing your mounted print to sit on any flat surface
    • Stainless Standoff: Available in 1" and 5/8" sizes, these enhance the support for your frames with a modern, refined touch and easy setup

Crafting Unmatched Framing Excellence

Delve into our Mat Options with choices like Foreground Mat, Background Mat, Double Mat, and Single Mat, each designed to customize and enrich the visual allure of your personalized posters. With a steadfast commitment to customization, our Economy Posters are poised to actualize your vision, offering unmatched quality, versatility, and value. Ideal for business, educational, or personal projects, our posters are your canvas for boundless creativity and expression.

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