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Celebrate Any Event in Style with Our Custom Printed Paper Banners

Step into the realm of custom creation with our Paper Banner, where every detail is an opportunity for personalization. With customizable dimensions from a modest 8" to an impressive 120" in height, our paper banners are perfectly sized for any setting or occasion. The personal touch doesn't end there; personalization is a given, allowing you to weave your unique vision into every square and rectangle shape.

Choose Your Canvas: Diverse Graphic / Paper Material Options

Navigate through our selection of graphic and paper banner printing materials to find the perfect match for your project:

  • Economy Poster Paper: Weighing in at 47 lbs with a coated matte finish and a 1/4" white border, this option is versatile, though not recommended for photos due to its unique composition
  • Gloss Photo Paper: At a solid 235 GSM with a reflective gloss finish, it's your go-to for photo quality, custom paper banners, and signs, offering full bleed and perfect for presentations or home use
  • Adhesive Backed Glossy Paper: This glossy, adhesive-backed material is 3.4 mm thick and designed to stick firmly to glass, board, or walls. Not only is it personalized and easy to apply, but it also boasts waterproof inks for longevity

Visualize Your Storytelling with Special Effects and Lamination

Infuse your paper banners with a breath of life using our array of special effects; the Original keeps your design’s authenticity with vibrant, popping colors, Black & White transforms it into a grayscale rendition for timeless sophistication, and Sepia softly shifts your artwork into the warm, nostalgic browns of cherished vintage style paper banners. To further enhance the endurance and aesthetic of your banners, our lamination option is available for all paper surfaces, utilizing Clearshield 3mm Gloss finish with the precision of the Sirclelam EM-40 Laminator, adding not just a layer of protection from the elements, including UV rays, but also an upscale, polished look.

Your Print, Your Way: Customizable Options

Your print deserves to be presented exactly as you envision it:

  • Just Print: For a straightforward display of your artwork, offering excellent color accuracy without bleed
  • Mounting: Attach your poster to a backing board for a more polished presentation, complete with various foam and mat boards
  • Framing: Surround your poster with one of 34 elegant frame designs, customizable with a selection of foreground or background mats

Innovative Mounting Options for a Personalized Touch

Secure your poster to a backing board, selecting from five bespoke customization options to complement any design aesthetic. Opt for your preferred paper type for true-to-life color fidelity and a clean, no-bleed presentation. Our range includes options such as 3/16 inch Black or White foam board, 1/2- inch Black or White foam board, and 1/16-inch Mat board, each offering the possibility for tailored features such as wrap mounts and edge colors of your choice, guaranteeing that your personalized photo banners' display is as individual and striking as the content it carries.

Command Hanging Strip Types for Easy Installation

Choose from a variety of Command Hanging Strips to secure your artwork:

  • Medium Strips: Includes 4 sets with a total support capacity of up to 12 lbs (3 lbs per set) and 2 sets designed for a total load of up to 6 lbs (3 lbs per set)
  • Large Strips: 4 sets designed for a total support of up to 16 lbs (4 lbs per set) and 2 sets capable of holding a total of 8 lbs (4 lbs per set)

Complete Your Banner's Look with Backing/ Hanging Options

The final flourish to your custom printed paper banners' presentation comes with our array of backing and hanging options:

  • Floating Block Hanger: A minimalist and sturdy backing that gives your print a 'floating' appearance
  • Easel Style Display Back: Provides a traditional stand, perfect for any flat surface display
  • Stainless Standoff: A modern, robust solution that secures your print with style, available in two sizes

Frame Your Message: Transform Your Paper Banner

Envision your paper banner as not just a message, but a canvas awaiting the artistry of framing to truly shine. A Foreground Mat brings depth and sharp focus to your image, making it pop against the backdrop. A Background Mat acts as the unsung hero, enhancing the overall presentation subtly yet significantly. Opt for a Double Mat and marry the two into a sophisticated, multi-layered ensemble, adding rich texture and complexity. Or choose a Single Mat to maintain a simple, elegant emphasis on the piece’s forefront.

These meticulously tailored options- spanning from material choices to precise sizing- ensure your paper banner transcends its purpose, becoming a vivid declaration of your unique style and vision, framed to perfection.

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