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Transform Your Space with Customizable Floats & Wraps

Dive into the artistic realm with our Floats & Wraps, created to transform your space and accentuate the core of your art. With customizable dimensions from 8 inches to 120 inches in height, you can find the exact fit for spaces small or large. Select from square or rectangle shapes to align with your design aesthetic and meet the demands of your environment, including Gallery Wrap Frames and Wall Floats & Wraps.

Experience the Brilliance of Our High-Quality Print Material Options

  • Pro Gloss Paper (235 GSM): Delivers a high-gloss finish, enhancing photo vibrancy and detail, making it ideal for vivid, professional-quality prints. It features a 1/4" white border, allowing for personalization and a polished look, perfect for Affordable Gallery Wrap Canvas Printing
  • Pro Satin Paper (390 GSM): Provides a mild shine and combines the texture of canvas with a satin finish, offering a luxurious and durable surface for high-quality photographic and fine art prints. This paper allows for full bleed prints, enabling edge-to-edge color
  • Premium Satin Photo Paper (410 GSM): Features a lustrous finish with a unique shimmer, enhancing colors for a striking visual impact. This metallic grade paper enhances printed images with a metallic sheen, supporting full bleed for vibrant color reproduction
  • Premium Metallic Photo Paper (425 GSM): Offers archival quality with a matte finish, perfect for preserving and displaying fine art and photographs with exceptional clarity and longevity. It supports full bleed printing for a continuous image display
  • Premium Matte Photo Paper (240 GSM): Ensures sharp image clarity and rich color reproduction with a smooth, non-reflective surface. Ideal for a professional, glare-free finish, this paper also allows for full bleed, framing, and displaying photos seamlessly
  • Premium Gloss Photo Paper (235 GSM): Provides vibrant, high-contrast prints with a glossy finish, ensuring exceptional image clarity and lifelike colors. This paper is perfect for showcasing photos and artwork with full bleed capability
  • Canvas Paper (230 GSM): Used for fine art printing, this paper allows artists and photographers to replicate the texture and appearance of canvas. It offers a matte finish and supports full bleed for a true artistic look
  • Premium Grade Canvas Paper (425 GSM): Delivers exceptional texture and durability, perfect for fine art reproductions. It provides gallery-quality prints with longevity and character, also supporting full bleed for comprehensive, detailed artwork

These materials, each with its own unique surface and thickness, are designed to meet various artistic and photographic needs, ensuring your prints stand out with their superior quality and personalized touch.

Special Effects That Bring Your Art to Life

Select from original, black & white, or our specialized sepia effects, each meticulously crafted to elevate the visual allure of your prints. Our sepia option uniquely converts colors in your image to sophisticated gray tones while seamlessly blending mid-tones with elegant brown shades. These enhancements are perfect for customizing the appearance of your artwork to align with your artistic intent, making them ideal choices for Float Wraps Photo and Floating Canvas Wrap creations.

Define Your Space: Choose the Right Mounting Option

  • 3/16" Foam Boards: Offer sleek support in black for a bold, contemporary vibe, or in white for a clean, classic look, each measuring 3/16 of an inch in thickness
  • 1/2" Foam Boards: Provide robust backing, available in deep black for added depth and intensity or in neutral white to make your artwork pop, both 1/2 inch thick
  • 1/16" Mat Board: This heavy paper-based material, known as matboard, is used in framing and has a width of 1/16 of an inch, ideal for adding a traditional framing touch to your piece

Select from these diverse mounting options to give your artwork the presentation it deserves, each designed to complement your space and style seamlessly.

Sophisticated Backing and Hanging Solutions

  • Floating Block Hanger: Features a 1/2" panel with easy-hang holes, creating a modern floating effect. Quick to install, it highlights your artwork with a clean look
  • Easel Style Display Back: Ideal for tabletops, this easel back provides stable support, allowing prints to be showcased on any flat surface elegantly
  • Stainless Standoff Posts: Offering an industrial vibe, these aluminum posts fit walls perfectly, supporting acrylic sheets in two sizes (1" and 5/8" diameters), and give a sophisticated, gallery-like feel

These hanging solutions suit diverse display preferences, ensuring your artwork is showcased in a way that complements its style and enhances its surroundings.

Your Imagination, Our Creation: Tailored Art for Every Space

Experience personalized artistry with Floats & Wraps, designed to mirror your unique style and preferences. Customize every detail, from material and finish to special effects and mounting, crafting a uniquely yours masterpiece. Floats & Wraps merge creativity and quality, transforming your space into a vibrant expression gallery, perfect for those seeking Professional photo printing and wrapping.

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