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Blind Ship Your Orders

Have your orders blind shipped to your customers!

Setup Your Professional Gallery in Minutes!
Vivyx's Partner Artist galleries are clean, attractive and professional. You can create your gallery in just minutes with our easy tools!
Easily Link From Your Website to Buy Options!
Easily create custom links on your own website, Facebook page, Twitter feed (and more) that point right to the buy options for a particular image.
Create Limited Access Collections for Specific Clients
Organize your images into collections and choose privacy options for each collection. Just shot a wedding? Create a collection for the bride and groom and share it with only them.
You Set The Prices, We Take No Fees!
You can choose from 3 pricing models ($ per print, $ per square inch, or percentage of print costs). You set the price, and get paid 100% of the price you set! All we want is our standard published printing rates.
We Handle Payment, Printing, Shipping & Customer Service!
Easy peasy. Focus on what you love to do. We'll handle all the grunt work and customer service. Once each month you get paid for your sales via Paypal. You don't even have to get dressed to go to the bank.
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Vivyx Printing has an experienced proven marketing team, and tens of thousands of happy customers. Leverage our expertise and customer relationships to help sell your work!
Your Work is Protected
Your high resolution digital source files are kept secure and private. Only we have access to them. Customers only see smaller, low resolution files suitable for web viewing, but not anything else.