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Premium Gloss Photo Paper
Premium Metallic Photo Paper
Sepia tone
Black & White
Floating Block Hanger
Easel Style Display Back
Stainless Standoff Posts (1" dia) for Acrylic
Stainless Standoff Posts (5/8" dia) for Acrylic
Total : $ 49.92

Our acrylic prints are museum grade. Literally, we produce them for museums. Top quality, all the way.

Your image is printed to your choice of Premium Gloss Photo Paper or Premium Metallic Photo Paper and then "face mounted" to 1/4" thick acrylic sheet. This gives a clean, modern presentation with the acrylic sheet protecting and giving a high sheen to the print. Add optional wall standoffs for easy wall mounting with a sleek no-frame finished look.

Note: Acrylic mounted prints are sensitive to extreme humidity. They should not be hung in bathrooms, outdoors, or in spaces without air conditioning (in humid regions).

Don't Be Fooled By Cheap Knockoffs!

Good acrylic prints aren't cheap. Some sign and banner companies offer cheap acrylic prints. Take note of how they are made. When acrylic is direct printed with UV cured inks, they are cheap to make. But most UV printers do not produce accurate color. You are likely to find your print "washed out", with flat skin tones and loss of vibrant color! The process they use is NOT designed for printing photos or fine art. Don't be fooled by misleading advertising.


1/2" thick panel affixed to the back of your mount, with easy hanging system so you can hang it in just a few minutes!

Add $10


Standoffs are drilled through the corners of your print (comes pre-installed) and allows your print to hang offset from the wall about 1". Clean, modern look.

Add $20 for 5/8" diameter

Add $30 for 1" diamete


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Canvas, Framing & Mounting
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Acrylic Mounted Prints
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Custom size prints? Why not! Get your print any size you want!

No extra fees for custom sizes! (When we said we love our customers, we meant it)

  • • 8" x 8" Minimum
  • • 42" x 120" Maximum
  • • 1/2" Increments
  • • 8" x 8" Minimum
  • • 24" x 36" Maximum
  • • 1/2" Increments
  • • 8" x 8" Minimum
  • • 38" x 120" Maximum
  • • 1/2" Increments
16" x 20"1600+ x 2000+ pixels2400+ x 3000+ pixels3200+ x 4000+ pixels
18" x 24"1800+ x 2400+ pixels2700+ x 3600+ pixels3600+ x 4800+ pixels
20" x 24"2000+ x 2400+ pixels3000+ x 3600+ pixels4000+ x 4800+ pixels
20" x 30"2000+ x 3000+ pixels3000+ x 4500+ pixels4000+ x 6000+ pixels
22" x 28"2200+ x 2800+ pixels3300+ x 4200+ pixels4400+ x 5600+ pixels
24" x 32"2400+ x 3200+ pixels3600+ x 4800+ pixels4800+ x 6400+ pixels
24" x 36"2400+ x 3600+ pixels3600+ x 5400+ pixels4800+ x 7200+ pixels
30" x 40"3000+ x 4000+ pixels4500+ x 6000+ pixels6000+ x 8000+ pixels
30" x 45"3000+ x 4500+ pixels4500+ x 6750+ pixels6000+ x 9000+ pixels
32" x 40"3200+ x 4000+ pixels4800+ x 6000+ pixels6400+ x 8000+ pixels
36" x 48"3600+ x 4800+ pixels5400+ x 7200+ pixels7200+ x 9600+ pixels
36" x 54"3600+ x 5400+ pixels5400+ x 8100+ pixels7200+ x 10800+ pixels