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Gloss Photo PaperSatin Photo PaperMuseum Quality Canvas
Premium Metallic Photo Paper
Gloss Photo Paper
Satin Photo Paper
Museum Quality Canvas
Foam Core Wrap MountFoam Core Edge Mount
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Foam Core Wrap Mount
Foam Core Edge Mount
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Vision Reimagined: Crafting Your World with Image Split Printing

Enter the transformative world of Custom Photo Splits, where seeing your world differently isn't just an idea - it's a reality brought to life on your walls. This innovative product offers a novel way to shift perspectives, turning a simple wall display into a riveting visual experience.

Using our user-friendly templates, you can split a single image to gain a new perspective. This feature allows you to craft a Personalized Image Splits narrative, showcasing your artistic vision uniquely.

Artistic Precision: Unveiling Masterpieces with High-Resolution Multi Panel Canvas Prints

Each Photo Split Wall Art is a masterpiece of color and clarity, matching the original image with exact color and ink. Our high-resolution capability ensures that even the largest prints, up to 60” x 120” or beyond, are flawless and lifelike.

Material Mastery:

  • Glossy Photo Paper (235 GSM): Revel in the richness of colors with a shiny finish that captures the essence of each hue. Perfect for those who love vibrancy, though best displayed away from direct light to avoid glare. Choose between professional photo lab grade and the even more sumptuous Premium grade
  • Satin Photo Paper (235 GSM): The luster finish of our Satin Photo Paper strikes the perfect balance, offering rich color that stands out even in bright light, without the gloss sheen. Available in professional or Premium grades for that extra touch of sophistication
  • Metallic Photo Paper (68 lbs): Elevate your displays with the vibrancy and life-like quality of Metallic Photo Paper. Its subtle shimmer adds a luxurious dimension to your prints, making it ideal for high-end displays and shows
  • Museum Quality Canvas: For the ultimate in luxury and longevity, our Museum Quality Canvas is unmatched. Designed for giclee prints, this 200-year archival-grade canvas is coated to protect the printed finish, ensuring your art endures

Transformative Mounting Options for Personalized Art Displays

  • Foam Core Wrap Mount: Achieve a sleek, ready-to-hang panel with no visible foam board. Choose from thin wrap mount (3/16") or thick wrap mount (1/2") wraps for the perfect depth
  • Foam Core Edge Mount: For a distinct look, this style features the foam core board visible at the edges, available in black or white
    • 3/16" Black Foam Board
    • 3/16" White Foam Board
    • 1/2" Black Foam Board
    • 1/2" White Foam Board
    • 1/16" Mat Board
  • Just the Prints: For the purists, receive your prints rolled in a tube, ready for you to frame, mount, or display as you see fit

With Backing / Hanging Options - Floating Block Hanger, your wall becomes more than just a space - it becomes a canvas for conversation, a showcase of your unique perspective. No matter your choices, from the material to the mounting style, the finished product promises to transform any room into a gallery of your personal expression.

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