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Canvas Paper
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The Art of Prints

We’ve all bought prints at galleries and museums of the art that moves us. And far more often than not we’re underwhelmed by the quality we receive. Our custom art prints deliver the quality we always hope for when purchasing print while adding options that make the final outcome wholly our own.

Vivyx art prints deliver the highest level of quality and include these additional features:

  • 6 Choices of Material
  • Wide Selection of Substrates
  • Finest Image Quality in Industry
  • Printed with the Highest Resolution

Upload your photos and files into our intuitive, easy to use online ordering system to transform them into mesmerizing lifelong keepsakes. Our custom printing solutions also allow you to capture the image size you desire to turn your life’s important moments into lasting memories.

Your Choice of Paper Finish

Glossy Photo Paper

Shiny finish makes colors appear more richly, but this paper will glare in direct light. Available in professional photo lab or even richer Premium grade.



Premium Metallic Photo Paper

Our high - end Premium metallic photo paper is ideal for fine art and pro photographers. It’s heavier weight, 100 - year archival paper (10.6 ounces) that has a luster finish with a lifelike shimmer. Available options: mounting.

< (Metallic paper in foreground, satin paper in background)

Adds $3.33 per square foot.


Satin Photo Paper

A luster finish that is neither dull nor glossy, it provides rich color without w ashing out in bright light. Available in professional photo lab grade or even richer Premium grade.



New! Velvet Rag Art Paper

A paper finely crafted to be ideal for fine art with a watercolor paper feel. Very thick paper heavier in weight (11.1 ounces), the textured matte finish has a subtle faux - aged yellow tone and is 100 - year ar chival quality. It’s a perfect match with sketches, painting, and digital art. Options: mounting.

Adds $2.57 per square foot.



Canvas Paper

Heavyweight paper with simulated canvas texture for the look and feel of the real thing – only more affordable. Ideal for framing and mounting.



Create a presentation style that fits your room and décor..


Professionally and permanently mount your print to a foam core board that is ideal for framing, for indoor signs and presentations.

3/16" White
1/2" White
3/16" Black
1/2" Black
Framing your print? If you are self framing your print, it is highly recommended that you mount it on 3/16" white foam core. This prevents your print from developing waves over time as a result of humidity and gravity. Consider frame readyprints, which include mounting and mats cut to size.

Wrap Mount Option:

Your print with a mirrored edge – aka the closest part of the image wrapped around the edge of a foam core board.

3/16”- or 1/2“-thick foam core board

Canvas Wrap
NEW! ECO-FRAME / Superior grade aluminum strength with several color and patterns available to choose from give you the option of a more modern aesthetic!

From $20! Details & Pricing

Simple, inexpensive metal framing applied to your foamboard mounted print. Get a finished look - even add mats - for much less than custom framing options. Your choice of standard size (same depth as foamcore board you chose - 3/16" or 1/2") or thick XL frame (1" deep). Comes with hanger installed!
Color options:  

Wrap Mounted on Foam Board

Your print with a mirrored edge, wrapped seamlessly around your choice of thin or thick foam core board. Learn more about floats & wraps.

Canvas Wrap

1/2" thick panel affixed to the back of your wrap mount, with easy hanging system so you can hang it in just a few minutes!

Add $10


Adding an Easel Back allows your wrap mount to sit on any flat surface.

Add $5


Available in .5" increments.

From 8" x 8" up to 24" x 36".

No custom size fees!

Choose from a variety of options that make framing and matting as satisfying as selecting your print.

Custom Frame Option:

35+ frame style options available for customization give you the freedom to create the exact aesthetic you’re looking for.

Foreground & Background Mat

Add depth and color by using two mats. The top mat is in the foreground and the bottom mat provides the background for a layered look in your matting space.

Glass Option:

Our transparent thermoplastic sheet is a lightweight, shatterproof alternative to glass.

Give your print an added touch for a unique, artistic finish.

Gloss Laminated

This high-impact, high-profile finish forms a protective coating over your print and adds a high silk sheen; it’s often used for brochure covers, menus, and magazine covers.


Special Effects:

Black & White

Sepia Tone


There are several styles for hanging your print to give you the aesthetic you desire.

Command Hanging Strips:

The market leader in damage-free adhesives. In addition to picture hanging strips, you can purchase door and window hooks, caddies for wall storage and more.


Backing Options:


½” thick panel affixed to the back of your foam core wrap mount comes complete with a simple hanging system.

Add $10


Adding an Easel Back allows your wrap mount to sit on any flat surface.

Add $5


Available in .5" increments.

From 8" x 8" up to 24" x 36".

No custom size fees!


Comes pre-installed, drilled through the corners of your print for a clean, modern look. Allows your print to hang approximately 1” off the wall.

Get Your Print Any Size You Need!


Custom size prints? Why not! Get your print any size you want!

No extra fees for custom sizes! (When we said we love our customers, we meant it)

  • • 8" x 8" Minimum
  • • 42" x 120" Maximum
  • • 1/2" Increments
  • • 8" x 8" Minimum
  • • 24" x 36" Maximum
  • • 1/2" Increments
  • • 8" x 8" Minimum
  • • 38" x 120" Maximum
  • • 1/2" Increments

Will My Image Work?

16" x 20"1600+ x 2000+ pixels2400+ x 3000+ pixels3200+ x 4000+ pixels
18" x 24"1800+ x 2400+ pixels2700+ x 3600+ pixels3600+ x 4800+ pixels
20" x 24"2000+ x 2400+ pixels3000+ x 3600+ pixels4000+ x 4800+ pixels
20" x 30"2000+ x 3000+ pixels3000+ x 4500+ pixels4000+ x 6000+ pixels
22" x 28"2200+ x 2800+ pixels3300+ x 4200+ pixels4400+ x 5600+ pixels
24" x 32"2400+ x 3200+ pixels3600+ x 4800+ pixels4800+ x 6400+ pixels
24" x 36"2400+ x 3600+ pixels3600+ x 5400+ pixels4800+ x 7200+ pixels
30" x 40"3000+ x 4000+ pixels4500+ x 6000+ pixels6000+ x 8000+ pixels
30" x 45"3000+ x 4500+ pixels4500+ x 6750+ pixels6000+ x 9000+ pixels
32" x 40"3200+ x 4000+ pixels4800+ x 6000+ pixels6400+ x 8000+ pixels
36" x 48"3600+ x 4800+ pixels5400+ x 7200+ pixels7200+ x 9600+ pixels
36" x 54"3600+ x 5400+ pixels5400+ x 8100+ pixels7200+ x 10800+ pixels