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Floating Frames

Sleek modern frames make canvas appear to "float" within the frame, giving both depth and dramatic shadowing.
Black Floating Frame
18"x24" = +$37.80
24"x36" = +$54.00
Brown Floating Frame
18"x24" = +$37.80
24"x36" = +$54.00

Leather Wrapped* Edge w/ Optional Decorative Nails

*Faux leather wrapped neatly around canvas edge, and around the back edge of the canvas frame. Your choice of leather color, and optional decorative nail style. Can also be ordered plain, without nails.

Rhinestones & More

Unique 3D canvas edge embellishments for a special, custom look!

Choosing Your Embellishment

It's easy! Just upload your image, or choose one from your account. Select canvas wrap. A new option will appear for canvas edge embellishments. As you select them, our site will show you a mockup of how it will look with your image.
- "My digital photo enlargement (11x15) was more then I expected. The images were crisp and easily defined. I've had it framed and it looks super. Thanks also to the patient and thoughtful help of your associate,Parker Milldebrant, who guided me through the digital photo process of your web page." by Carol on 2/15/2018
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