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"All good. My concern is mostly with the packing - the protective cardboard corners on the frame are stapled to the back of the framed print. I am wondering how I will remove them without damaging the back of the frame! Please advise."
by Carol on 2/27/2020
"GREAT quality print. I paid for express shipping from the opposite side of the country and got it in 2 business days. This is the start of a beautiful friendship :)"
by Michael on 2/26/2020
"I didn't talk to anyone but the prices are great for my new business and customer got product in a timely manner! "
by Mary on 2/26/2020
"Quickly printed and shipped.Excellent service. Thanks!"
by Randy on 2/18/2020
"The print has a snag on it rendering it useless. You refuse to make this right. "
by Kellie on 2/14/2020
"First time using Vivyx..2' x 3' pictures on foam came out absolutely spectacular!! The clarity of the items were second to none. Shipped all the way to Boston quickly and safely!!"
by Chris on 2/14/2020
"Happy with printing but was not trimmed to my specs"
by Valerie on 2/13/2020
"The quality and durability of the poster is terrific. I had previously ordered a cloth poster from Spoonflower, but it was quite flimsy and did not remain taped to a masonry wall in the hallway of our university. For Vivyx I chose a vinyl material for a meeting poster. It can fold to fit in the suitcase, and upon unfolding has minimal creases that disappear over time. It is superb. The resolution is fine, just as I sent it, the colors are true. The price is less than what I pay at our university printing for paper. It took six days from order placement to receiving the poster, which is quite fast considering it traveled from Arizona to Pennsylvnia. The communication of emails from Vivyx was very fast. Thank you so much, Vivyx!"
by Prof. Stephanie on 2/7/2020
"My poster originally had some misprinting issues, but they resolved this right away and sent me a new poster. It looks great!"
by Sarah on 2/6/2020
"Outstanding quality canvas. My order was processed quickly. "
by Angela on 1/31/2020
"Great quality, quick delivery"
by Jim on 1/28/2020
"Very quick and great quality"
by John on 1/24/2020
"Clint provides the best customer service, colors always spot on, fast delivery."
by Art on 1/24/2020
"The quality of the pictures were great-extremely pleased. I wish the photo paper had been a bit thicker. The thinness of the paper made the photos more challenging to frame. Otherwise, I was very happy with the turnaround time and the quality and responsiveness of your customer service. "
by Dolores on 1/22/2020
"Good listeners, good follow through, great product."
by Benjamin on 1/18/2020
"The photo reprint turned out really nice. My son was very happy."
by Jodi on 1/17/2020
"Delivered to the wrong address, I had to reprint in another store"
by Shacked on 1/14/2020
"Always a pleasure dealing with this company. "
by JARROD on 1/13/2020
"Great Quality photo printed with a super fast turn around time."
by Debra on 1/11/2020
"Looks great! Shipping was super fast!"
by Kristina on 1/11/2020
"I needed transparency made for use with my latest photography invention. They came out perfectly."
by David on 1/11/2020
"Such a great company! My prints are great quality, & they always get here in great time! "
by Stephen on 1/9/2020
"I'd never heard of this place before, so I was hesitant to try it. I placed only one order for a large picture to see how it would turn out and was impressed with both the service and quality. The print arrived rolled up inside a triangular cardboard box with a paper protector sheet over the printed surface. The print was exactly what I had hoped for in high quality and presentation. Vivyx printing was super easy to work with. "
by Nathan on 1/9/2020
"I ordered a canvas print. The print came on a very thick wrapped frame, unlike any I have ordered in the past. It was not very tightly stretched over the frame. I emailed customer service and told them my experience with this print, they wanted more pictures of the product and I have had zero response. I would not order another one from this company."
by Debbie on 1/8/2020
"Quality, turnaround and price canít be beat! "
by tracey on 1/6/2020
"Been using ViVYX for years. Superior quality, fantastic prices, fast delivery, friendly and helpful team. Best printer by far,"
by Michael on 1/5/2020
"The website tools for uploading my sign images and selecting my options were easy to use and offered the right choices. The signs printed and shipped on time and arrived in good condition."
by Scott on 12/31/2019
"I needed assistance in choosing which canvas/finish to use for a special project. Rebecca was quick to answer and incredibly helpful. My print arrived DAYS before I was expecting it. It's perfect! I will be using Vivyx again!"
by Courtney on 12/30/2019
"I loved the quality of the prints they came before the date they were supposed to. Two of my prints had smudges and one was torn they replaced them immediately "
by Mark on 12/2/2019
"WOW! Quick processing, Quick shipping. I wasn't really sure what to expect since I never ordered a backlit print. The color match from my image is spot on. I'm very pleased with the final product. I would definitely recommend their service and will use them again for my next project. GREAT JOB! Thank You. "
by Stephen on 12/1/2019
"My first time ordering from this company. I was so shock how beautiful the photos came out. I ordered 24"◊36". OMG AMAZING. Very happy, I almost cried. Thank you😘. I will be ordering more stuff for my business."
by leona on 11/27/2019
"Everything was great!"
by Laurie on 11/14/2019
"Amazing communication, quality,and shipping speed is what keeps me coming back!"
by Nicholas on 11/10/2019
"I am using their services for quite a sometime now and i nver had a bad review or experian ce with them.customer care is absolutly incredible.I will continute to use them as my print partner for by creative business."
by Dani on 11/7/2019
"I had one canvas photo print made. The turnaround was four days and it was excellent quality."
by Michael on 11/6/2019
"I always have good results and fast delivery on my orders from Vivyx printing."
by Dale on 11/4/2019
"Quick shipping"
by Suzanne on 11/3/2019
"My order was excellent the quality was exceptional. Honestly extremely satisfied with my order. "
by Sherri on 11/1/2019
"Great quality, quick turnaround and awesome customer service! All emails were responded to promptly, I received my order sooner than anticipated and everything was printed and packaged with care. Thank you!"
by Puanani on 10/24/2019
"Customer service is excellent!"
by Mike on 10/24/2019
"Ordered a vinyl banner online, it was easy to do, it was done quickly and it turned out great. I would use them again."
by Dan on 10/20/2019
"Quality was great. I called with a question and they were very responsive and followed up after our conversation. Highly recommend."
by Marci on 10/13/2019
"these guys are good."
by Justin on 10/1/2019
"Customer service was responsive and very helpful in correcting a mistake I made on my original order! Sorted quickly, very friendly, and the product arrived perfect. Was very nervous and I'm overjoyed with the result."
by Mallory on 9/25/2019
"Everything was great. My only wish was that the canvas was a little tighter on the frame -there are some waves. "
by Kirsten on 9/18/2019
"I have had a terrible experience with Vivyx printing. When my foam prints arrived, they were bent because of the way they were shipped. I ordered them for my classroom, so I hung them anyway. When I arrived back at my classroom after the summer, most of them had fallen down because the bend in the foam board had caused them to pull away from the wall. The edges and corners are also all bent and crumpled. I have contacted customer service 4 times, but they either refuse to respond or help."
by Daniel on 9/18/2019
"I was initially afraid to order a picture from a company several states away but am glad I did, as the product shipped was of higher quality than images printed by companies around here for considerably higher prices. I paid for rush delivery and was thrilled to have it on my doorstep 4 days later, which is an impressive turnaround time."
by Stephen on 9/16/2019
"fast service!"
by saja on 9/8/2019
"I have used Vivyx for years and been so pleased with the posters I've had printed. But for my most recent order, I contacted them and asked to add an item to the order, which they agreed to do and then refund the shipping cost for the second order if they were able to ship them together. They did ship them together, but have not refunded the shipping cost despite numerous emails and requests to follow through. Every email goes unanswered. I am so disappointed with the lack of customer service."
by Natalie on 9/4/2019
"Turn around was quick and prints were good"
by Cayce on 9/1/2019
Displaying 51 to 100 of 4244 total reviews, ordered by date submitted.
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