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  • I'm considering placing an order but...

    • I need it quick. Can you turn it around fast?

      Yes! Order Monday - Friday (before 10AM) and get it delivered the next business day when you choose Expedited Processing and Express Mail shipping.

      Our standard turnaround time is 2-3 business days to print and ship your order. Expedited Processing gets your order printed and shipped the same day if you order before 10AM MST, and the following business day if you order after 10AM. There is a small surcharge for Expedited Processing.

      If you're in a rush, be sure to choose Express Mail (overnight to most places) shipping.

      Add 2 business days to turnaround time if your order includes wrap mounting, or gallery wrapped canvas prints.

      Learn more about processing & shipping options here

    • I have questions about pricing

      You can count on us for the best prices for high quality large format prints in quantities of 1-50.

      Pricing varies depending on the specific options you prefer. You can get an instant price quote here.

      Planning to place a large order? Our instant price quote tool automatically calculates our quantity discounts of up to 40% off!

    • What are my shipping options, and how much?

      We ship via the U.S. Postal Service. Your options are Priority Mail (3-5 day delivery) and Express Mail (overnight).

      Priority Mail is $3-$6 for most orders. Large orders, or orders with large flat prints (wrapped canvas, mounted prints) are usually $6-$10 but can be more. See our detailed shipping rates here.

      Express Mail (usually overnight) varies in price depending on the size of your order. Usually it is $22-$28. For a precise quote, create your order and then see your shopping cart. Note that Express Mail is overnight to MOST places in the U.S. For some rural locations, Express Mail is 2 day delivery.

      Learn more about shipping options and cost

    • How are prints packaged?

      Orders that include only prints (no mounting) are usually shipped rolled. We enclose them in a plastic liner to prevent water/humidity damage and then place them in a rugged triangular tube.

      Orders with a large quantity of prints may be shipped flat instead.

      Orders that include mounted or wrapped prints are shipped flat in a cardboard box, and protected by styrofoam.

      Learn more about shipping options and cost

    • Can I get it the size I need it?

      Probably! We print on paper from 10" x 10" up to 42" x 120", including custom sizes in 1/2" increments.

      Print Type Max Print Size Sizing Increments
      Non-Mounted Paper (any paper) 42" x 120" .5"
      Laminated Paper 38" x 120" .5"
      Non-Mounted Canvas 38" x 120" .5"
      Foam Core Mounted (any type) 24" x 36" .5"
      Gallery Wrap Canvas 36" x 36" 1"
    • How does the Vivyx satisfaction guarantee work?

      We guarantee that your prints will be as good or better than the quality preview / instant proof we show you during the order process. If the quality is not at least as good as the preview we show you, we'll reprint your order free of charge.

    • I'm concerned about print quality from my image

      • 3 Ways to See Quality Before Ordering

        We want to make sure you're happy with your prints. We offer you 3 important tools to be sure you get the print quality you want:

        Print Quality Previewer - use this simple tool to upload your image and actually see it at the quality it will print at your desired size.

        Print Accuracy Assessment & Preview - when selecting your print size/options you will see a quality status bar that shows you how well we can reproduce the image in your file at the size you have selected.

        Instant Proof - after adding a print to your cart, you can click the "instant proof" option and preview what the quality of the actual print will be.

      • Our quality guarantee

        We guarantee a faithful reproduction of your image, that is at least as good as the quality preview! If you're not happy, we'll reprint for free.
      • What if the Print Accuracy shows "Good", but the Quality Preview looks bad?

        The quality preview is an accurate depiction of how your print will look at the size you have selected. If the quality preview does not meet your expectations, do not place your order.

        The print accuracy rating is a rating of how accurately your print will reproduce your digital image. But, if your digital image is poor quality to start with then that poor quality image will be well reproduced...resulting in a print that does not look good.

      • What can I do to improve the quality?

        If you are the person who created the image using a tool like Photoshop, then you can re-create it at a larger size (more pixels).

        If you did NOT create the image, and the file format you have is a raster format (PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF) then you must use a different image. In this case, do NOT simply open the file in an image editor and re-save it "bigger". This will NOT improve the quality.

    • I have questions about image formats and preparing for print

      • Which file formats do you accept?

        We accept most image file formats: JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP, AI, PDF, PSD, PNG.

      • What should I know about preparing my image for print?

        • We ALWAYS print borderless / full bleed.
        • Any margins or crop marks WILL be printed.
        • We recommend you do not place text within 1/8" of the edge of your image. Otherwise it may end up slightly cropped.
        • We do NOT make any adjustments to your color. Make any color changes you prefer before uploading.
        • The largest file we accept is 120mb
        • Using a high resolution is great, however you do not need a resolution over 300 dpi. With our printing technology you will get a beautiful print from 150 dpi.
        • If you are the designer of your image file, export it with the Adobe RGB 1998 color profile for easiest accurate color conversion.
        • If your image is very dark and has areas of very low contrast, you might want to lighten your image by 5-10%. Our ink system tends to lose some contrast when printing dark colors over black with low contrast.
      • Special notes for PDF, PSD and AI files

        • Don't leave transparencies where you want white background - fill them with white. Our image processor sees transparency on the edges of a PDF file as margin to crop out, and can reduce the printed area of your image as a result.
        • DO choose to "embed fonts" when you save out your print ready file - otherwise we may not have the font you used, and our system will replace it with a generic font that you probably won't like.
        • If our site has problems processing your image then please export it as a JPG or TIF file at the print size that you want. Sometimes these more complex file types with layers, etc. have problems processing correctly.
      • I have a picture from a digital camera...will it work?

        Most modern digital cameras (10 megapixels or better) create JPG files that are high enough resolution to print up to 24" x 36" (or even bigger) with acceptable quality.

        If you have a digital camera image, and you are satisfied with it, then you are ready to proceed and upload it for printing.

    • I'm having problems with my image upload/processing

      • When I click the "Upload Images" button, nothing happens

        This can happen if our image uploader is unable to load in your browser. Most often this is because your browser has flash installed, but it's an old version. It can also happen if you are using a really old browser, or on some mobile devices.

        The first thing to try is restarting your browser. If that doesn't do it, try either updating your Adobe Flash player version, OR use your browser's options menu to disable Flash. Disabling flash and reloading our site will cause it to use a different uploader technology that may be more compatible with your computer's software.

        If you are still unable to get it to work, please use our simple non-flash upload page.

      • When I choose file(s) to upload, I get an error

        If you get an error about your files being too big or small then you must select different image files. We don't accept files that are too small to reproduce at 10" x 10" or bigger. We also don't accept files over 120mb in size.

        If your file is over 120mb, then it is simply much bigger than it needs to be. Even our largest print sizes (42" x 120") can print in high quality from files much smaller. With today's technology, your file's resolution does not need to be more than 150px per inch, at the output size that you want. Start by scaling it down. Also, check your colorspace - 8 bit color in print is not visibly different than 16 or 32 bit color, but results in much smaller file sizes.

        If the error is not about file size, try restarting your browser. It's most likely a technical glitch in your browser. If that doesn't do it, make sure that you're running the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Some older versions produce "IO errors", or other technical sounding errors when attempting to upload.

        If you are still unable to get it to work, please use our simple non-flash upload page.

      • When I choose file(s) to upload, nothing happens (no error)

        Restart your browser. It's most likely a technical glitch in your browser. If that doesn't do it, make sure that you're running the latest version of Adobe Flash Player - or disable the Flash Player plugin in your browser. Disabling Flash will cause our site to load a different uploader software set that does not rely on Flash.

        If you are still unable to get it to work, please use our simple non-flash upload page.

      • My files upload and begin processing, but then I get a server busy error

        Sometimes our servers get very busy processing lots of images. However, even after it gives you that error's still working on your images. The best thing to do is either login to your account, or create an account, and then re-upload the images (if you're not already logged in - otherwise no need to re-upload). What this does is attaches those uploads to your account. Then, wait about 10 minutes and click on "My Account". You'll probably find them there, processed and ready to order prints.

      • My files upload and begin processing, but then it says they couldn't be processed

        This indicates that our image processing server was unable to process the files you uploaded. This could be because they are not a valid image file format, are corrupt, or did not upload completely. If you have only uploaded them once, try uploading them again. If you already have tried multiple times...keep reading.

        Some file formats are more difficult to process than others. Adobe PDF files are one of those formats. Because there are many different specifications for PDF files, our server occaisionally has difficulty processing one. If you have a PDF file that will not process after a couple of attempts, resave it as a different format and try again.

        If you're using a file type other than PDF, and you can open it just fine on your computer but cannot get it to process after multiple attempts, try resaving it to a different file type (example: resave a JPG file as a TIF file)

      • My files upload and process, but then they don't look right

        The scaled down version of your image is optimized for fast loading and display on a web page. As a result, you may find that it looks "pixelated" or has "halos" around some elements. This should not be cause for concern, and does not reflect the actual output quality.

        However, if the scaled down version is missing some elements of the image, or shows a strange cropping of your image (such as a lot of white margin around it that wasn't in the original), this probably indicates a problem processing your image. Try saving it to a different file format and then re-uploading it (if you can).

    • I'm having problems with / questions about print options

      • My print size options are reversed (example: I want a 24" x 36", but it says 36" x 24")

        This is normal. Our website automatically adjusts the sizes to display height first. So if your image is taller than it is wide ("portrait" mode), then the first number of the size will be greater to match your image's orientation.

        If you want your print rotated...that's easy. You can turn it when you hang it. :)

      • I can't find the print size I want in the list

        No problem. Choose "Custom Size". This option is right above the size list. You will see 2 tabs - one for "Standard Sizes" (which is already selected), and another for "Custom Size". Choose Custom Size and enter whatever size you'd like.

      • How do I get a custom print size?

        When selecting your print options (after your image uploads and processes), choose "Custom Size". This option is right above the size list. You will see 2 tabs - one for "Standard Sizes", and another for "Custom Size". Choose Custom Size and enter whatever size you'd like.

      • How can I change what part of the image is cropped?

        If your print size requires cropping of your image then a crop mask will appear over your image. The parts of your image (usually on the edges) that are "grayed out" are the parts that will be cropped out of your print. You can adjust this by simply moving the crop mask with your mouse. Hover over the non-masked portion (the part that will print) and then hold your mouse button down to move it.

        Due to technical limitations the cropper cannot be moved on mobile devices with touch controls.

      • I'm having problems using the "edit image" feature

        The edit image feature utilizes a freeware program. We can try to assist you, but we have no control over that program.

      • I have questions about lamination

        We use a 1.7 mil, crystal clear, glossy UV laminate. This laminate offers you much more durability without adding a lot of weight or thickness to your print. It is a clear laminate so it will not dull the finish of your print. as some laminates will. The laminate is also UV coated, adding exceptional UV protection and extending the life of your print up to 6 times, in direct sunlight. The glossy finish will create a greater depth of contrast, making your print very vivid.

        Lamination does protect prints from humidity in the air, and droplets of water being splashed on the surface. However, laminated prints should not be submerged in water or left outside in heavy precipitation - this will damage them.

        • The lamination is trimmed flush with your print, and does not overhang the edges.
        • You can write on it with dry-erase marker, and it will wipe clean
        • You can write on it with a permanent marker, and it will not come off
        • You can clean it with any streak free glass cleaner
      • I have questions about foam board mounting

        We use high quality, acid free foam core board. It is available in 3/16" or 1/2" thickness, and your choice of black or white.

        A dry adhesive is used with a heated mounting press which results in a smooth, permanent, defect free finish.

        We offer an optional "floating block" hanger that allows you to hang your print such that it appears to "float" 1/2" from your wall with an invisible hanger.

        We also offer an optional easel backing, which allows your mounted print to sit on a table/counter surface.

        Please note that adding mounting to your order can delay it by 1-2 days.

      • I have questions about wrap mounting

        Wrap mounting is similar to foam board mounting - the same foam board and mounting process are used. The difference is that your image is printed with an added "mirrored" border, which is then neatly wrapped around the edges of the foam board. A black backing paper is then affixed to the back of your print for durability of the wrap. This completely hides the foam board and yeilds a clean, modern edgeless look.

        We offer an optional "floating block" hanger that allows you to hang your print such that it appears to "float" 1/2" from your wall with an invisible hanger.

        We also offer an optional easel backing, which allows your mounted print to sit on a table/counter surface.

        Learn more and see samples here.

        Please note that adding mounting to your order can delay it by 1-2 days.

      • I have questions about canvas & gallery wrapping

        Our canvas is a museum quality, 200 year archival grade, 360 gram weight coated canvas designed for printing applications. It results in beautifully finished prints that are then coated with a protecting optically clear coat.

        You can order your canvas without any mounting, or gallery stretched and wrapped on a 1.5" thick solid wood frame. Gallery stretched/wrapped canvases are finished products that come with all hanging hardware.

        You can learn more here.

        Please note that gallery wrapped canvases require an additional 1-2 days of processing time.

      • When I click "Add to Cart", the print does not add to my cart

        This is most often caused by a corrupted "cookie" in your browser. Cookies are used by our site to keep track of what you've uploaded so you can order your images.

        Close your browser. Re-open your browser. Clear your browser's cookies. Return to our website and login to your account to try again.

        If the issue persists, please contact us to resolve this issue.

    • I'm having problems getting my order placed

      • When I click "Add to Cart", the print does not add to my cart

        This is most often caused by a corrupted "cookie" in your browser. Cookies are used by our site to keep track of what you've uploaded so you can order your images.

        Close your browser. Re-open your browser. Clear your browser's cookies. Return to our website and login to your account to try again.

        If the issue persists, please contact us to resolve this issue.

      • My shopping cart isn't displaying thumbnails of my prints

        Please contact us to resolve this issue.

      • The instant proof option in my shopping cart isn't working

        Please contact us to resolve this issue.

      • How can I pick a different shipping type?

        Your shopping cart shows you a quote for standard Priority Mail shipping. It also gives you the option to see quotes for additonal shipping methods. It does not let you pick a shipping method though.

        Your order's shipping method gets picked during checkout. Simply proceed with your checkout and you will be prompted to pick your shipping method on the 2nd step of checkout.

      • How do I put in a coupon code?

        Simply proceed to checkout and you will be prompted to enter any coupon codes you have on the 2nd step of checkout.

      • My shopping cart isn't showing a quantity discount, but one should apply

        Quantity discounts are calculated during checkout. Simply proceed to checkout and you will see your quantity discounts calculated automatically on step 2.

      • I'm a first time customer, but I don't have the coupon code

        That's OK. The system knows when you are a first time customer and will automatically apply relevant first time customer discounts on step 2 of checkout.

      • I'm a first time customer, but the discount I saw isn't applying properly

        Relevant first time customer discounts will apply automatically on the 2nd step of checkout.

        If you don't see a discount applied, please verify that your order contains the appropriate print sizes. Our first time customer discounts apply only to specific sizes (such as 24" x 36" or 20" x 30"). If your print is not the correct size, the discount will not apply.

        First time customer discounts only apply once. For example, if you have an offer on a single 24" x 36" print for $9.99 - it applies only to the first one. Each additional print is regular price.

        Our first time customer discounts are based on our standard ("Professional Grade") papers and don't include special services like mounting, or lamination. You can still get the discount, but those special services or upgraded paper options are additional.

      • The site won't accept my credit card. What should I do?

        Assuming that your bank has not declined the transation, most often this issue is encountered when the billing address you have provided for the credit card does not match the address your bank has on file. Double check your billing address for accuracy.

        If you have verified that your billing address is correct, and that your credit card account has available funds, contact us so we can determine why your transaction was declined.

  • I've received my order and...

    Please inspect your prints within 14 days of receipt. You have 14 days from the time your order shows as delivered by the shipping carrier to request a reprint.

    • It was damaged in transit to me

      We'll take care of you, but we will need your cooperation.

      If your order arrives damaged, contact us right away. Do NOT throw away the shipping container. Use a digital camera, or camera phone to snap a few pictures of the damaged shipping container and prints.

      In some cases a blemish created during shipping is not actually damage to the substrate, and can be corrected by you easily with our assistance or direction. One example of this is gallery wrapped canvas, which may "mold" or "form" to portions of the packaging in contact with the canvas surface. Simply spritzing the back of the canvas with water and allowing it to dry will almost always resolve this. This is an example of a case where we may require your cooperation to resolve the issue short of replacing the item. If your issue can be solved without requiring replacement, we reserve the right to solve the issue that way as it's faster for you and conserves resources.

      If your order was shipped via the U.S. Postal service, we do require you to return the order to your nearest post office (after contacting us). It is the only way we get reimbursed for damaged shipments.

      In the event your item needs replacement, when you have sent us the pictures of the damage, and delivered your order to the nearest post office, we will issue a replacement of your damaged prints.

    • I have a quality concern

      • One or more prints appear to be the wrong size

        Please take a moment to measure your prints with a ruler, and compare it to the size in your order confirmation. Most print sizes are computer controlled, and very rarely wrong. Often when customers are concerned they've received the wrong size, they discover that they purchased prints believing that a frame was a particular size, and it's not.

        If in fact your print is a different size than your order confirmation indicates it should be, we will happily correct it by reprinting free of charge.

        Contact us if you need a re-print.

      • The quality of one or more prints does not match the quality preview on the website

        If you have received a print where the quality does not match the quality preview on our website, we will re-print it free of charge. Contact us if you need a re-print.

      • The color seems off in one or more of my prints

        If your print has lines running through it, or the color is starkly different than the color in your image then the printer that generated your print may have been having technical difficulties, and we will re-print your image for free.

        If you perceive a subtle difference in color, please understand that color is subjective. The color may look slightly different on your monitor than it would on our monitors (due to monitor calibration). Further, a single print can also look different in white light vs. natural light, vs. yellow light. Because color is subjective, we do not re-print at our expense in cases where we cannot detect a notable visible difference between your print and the color of your digital image.

        If you feel that the color is notably and visibly off, you can send your print(s) back to us for evaluation at your expense. If we can detect the same difference we will re-print it free of charge, and refund your return shipping. If we cannot detect the same difference, we will ship the original print back to you and your return shipping will not be refunded.

        If you color calibrate your monitor using a known calibration device (such as X-Rite's ColorMunki), and you feel your print qualifies for a re-print, or you would like us to evaluate it, please contact us.

        If you have not calibrated your monitor using a calibration hardware device, then it is quite likely that you simply are not seeing your image's color correctly on your monitor! Even a brand new monitor is unlikely to show color accurately if it has not been calibrated.

      • One or more prints appear to be cropped incorrectly

        If your print is cropped differently than you recall having specified, please start by double checking. You can access your order in your account. Look carefully at the thumbnail image displayed for your print. If the crop is notably different than that of the thumbnail in your order, please take a picture (camera phone is fine) and then contact us.

      • I'm missing one or more prints from my order

        We carefully check each order before it ships to verify that it contains all prints in the order, and that the prints appear to be accurate. Please start by double checking your order. Sometimes - especially when prints are rolled - smaller prints can be hidden behind larger ones.

        If you are certain your order is missing a print, please contact us.

      • There seems to be a defect in lamination or mounting

        Lamination should be smooth, optically clear, with smooth finished edges. A laminated print will be glossy on both sides.

        The front surface of a mounted print should be flat, smooth and clean. The edges should be cropped cleanly.

        If this is not the case please contact us so we can rectify the situation for you.

    • I would like to order more of the same prints/images

      It's really easy to order more of the same prints as in a previous order. Go to your account. Then browse to your order history. You can select items from past orders and add them to your shopping cart.

      To reorder with different sizes and options, simply choose the image from your gallery. When you order, your uploaded images are saved in your account for easy re-order.

    • I wanted to thank you and tell all my friends about Vivyx

      Don't worry. That's normal. Telling your friends and family about us helps us reduce our marketing costs and keep our prices low. And it makes us love you more.

      Post a review (in your account)

      Like us on Facebook

      Share us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pintrest

  • I placed my order, have not received it yet and...

    • How can I check my order/shipping status?

      Go to your account. Then browse to your order history. Viewing an order allows you to see the status of each print in the order. If your order has been shipped then a tracking number will be visible, linked to the tracking information for the package.

    • I want to change my order

      If your order has not printed yet and you would like to make changes to it, please contact us right away. Some simple changes we can make easily. Changes that modify the total cost of the order will require us to cancel your order and credit your account. You can then re-place the order with the sizes/options you prefer.

      Once your order has printed, changes cannot be made.

      To see if your order has been printed, check the order status by visiting your account. Locate the order. Viewing an order allows you to see the status of each print in the order.

    • I think it should have shipped, but it has not

      If you believe your order should have been shipped, but has not been, we request that you check the order status. The order status will show you the promised ship date, and the status of each print in the order.

      How to check order status: Visit your account. Locate the order. Viewing an order allows you to see the status of each print in the order.

      If the due date displayed in the order status has passed, and your order has not shipped, please contact us. If you chose expedited processing and your order does not ship on-time we will either upgrade the shipping for free, or refund your expedited processing fee.

    • My order shows delivered, but I have not received it.

      On occasion the U.S. Postal Service system will show a package as delivered that has not been delivered. This is rare. Typically this is because your carrier has attempted to deliver the package and has mistakenly scanned it as delivered. Usually in this case the package ends up being delivered the next business day (sometimes 2-3 days later).

      If this happens, please allow 3 days to pass. If your order still has not been delivered after 3 days, please contact us and we'll help work out a solution.

      If your order was expedited and shipped via Express Mail (usually overnight), please contact us right away.

    • My order was shipped more than 7 days ago, but I haven't received it

      If your order was shipped via Priority Mail, please be patient. Usually Priority Mail delivers within 3-5 business days - but that's not a guarantee, and sometimes it takes longer. We have seen (rare) cases where it takes up to 10 days. Unfortunately the U.S. Postal Service is not very helpful in these situations and often cannot tell us (or you) any more than their website tracking information shows. If you have not received it after 10 days please contact us.

      If your order was shipped via Express Mail and it does not arrive within 2 business days of the date it was shipped, please contact us immediately.

  • I have questions about other things

    • I'm a wholesale customer or print broker

      If you have a need for a steady volume of printing over time, or are a print broker wishing to broker our printing services, please contact us.

      If you are planning to place a single large order, you should take advantage of our quantity discounts of up to 40% off (based on order size). Our discounts on large orders are very aggressive (get an instant quote here) and you will likely find them satisfying. If you do not believe they meet your needs, contact us.

      We are open to negotiating special account agreements. However, please note that we do not extend credit terms under any circumstances. We chose to get into printing, not banking. :)

    • I'm an artist and I'd like to partner with Vivyx to print my work

      We have a program for that! It's called the Vivyx Pro Artist Seller Program. You can easily setup your images for sale, specifying how you would like them to be priced. We handle the transaction, the printing and the shipping. You get paid.
    • I'm an artist interested in being sponsored by Vivyx

      In some cases we sponsor professional artists. We give them free printing in exchange for telling their fan base that they got their prints done by Vivyx. If you are a professional artist and meet the following qualifications, contact us if you'd like to work out a sponsorship deal:

      • 1. You are a full time professional artist, in a digital medium.
      • 2. Your work has been shown in 3+ brick-and-mortar galleries in the last year, or has had 3+ critic write ups
      • 3. You have a strong library of work, and a portfolio online that we can look at
      • 4. You have a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page with at least 500 friends/fans/likers
      • 5. You're friendly, fun and attract people.

      Contact us and direct your communication to Dan Hill.

    • I'm interested in another kind of partnership

      We're always open to discussing new partnership ideas! If you need printing services, we're always interested. Contact us and direct your communication to Dan Hill.

      DO NOT CONTACT US if you're looking to sell website, SEO, PPC management or other marketing related services. We have a full-time in-house team.

    • Something entirely different...

      I guess you're going to have to just bite the bullet and contact us...
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