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"Great product, affordable price and quick delivery! Very impressed!"
by Karissa on 12/3/2017
"Great work. Fast turn-around. "
by Jay on 12/3/2017
"Quality better than expected, arrived fast, packaged very well. Extremely happy with the prints."
by Tracy on 12/1/2017
"Customer Service reps were very pleasant and helpful. The turnaround time and packaging were impressive. I would recommend the company."
by Kathleen on 12/1/2017
"Vivyx is my trusted partner for thousands of quality graphics at a very affordable cost. Art of Domino Tables by Art"
by Art on 12/1/2017
"It took two tries, and 14 emails, to get the order right (an odd size), but the finished product was beautiful."
by Tim on 11/30/2017
"NASA poster on gloss photo paper is just beautiful!"
by Gretchen on 11/30/2017
"very professional work"
by Kathy on 11/29/2017
"Excellent! Fast shipping, beautiful quality, great price! Will definitely be ordering from this company again!"
by Stacy on 11/28/2017
"I was so happy with my picture I didnít wait to tell you folks about it so I called immediate afterwards."
by Mike on 11/26/2017
"Outstanding photo. Quality is as good as I've seen. Definition on an 18x32 print shows every nuance of texture in stonework and wood."
by Steven on 11/24/2017
"Quality is amazing. Best Iíve seen "
by Brittany on 11/17/2017
"Quality and speed of delivery is one of a kind. Iíll be back! "
by Michal on 11/16/2017
"I'd give them 6 stars if I could. Great team = Great service and quality. Every time. Thank you everybody!"
by Mark on 11/15/2017
"Excellent quality of photos, frames and canvas print!!"
by April on 11/15/2017
"Great conversation on the phone with a customer service person that led me to try the service. I was trying to blow up a cropped iPhone picture to 2 feet by 5 feet with reasonably good enough resolution. The results were certainly good enough."
by Jim on 11/12/2017
by Chris on 11/12/2017
"Super quick and the quality is perfect! "
by Brittany on 11/11/2017
"I need a speedy job shipped to a location I was to travel to for a very important cause. The person who helped me made it happen easily and with pleasure. It was great service delivered with humanity."
by Susan on 11/10/2017
"Great experience, from high quality print enlargement with customer input, to wide variety of framing options. Project was completed and safely shipped even quicker than I had anticipated."
by Herbert on 11/10/2017
" has made our museum's ability to produce beautiful exhibits easy and affordable. "
by Ware on 11/7/2017
" has made our museum's ability to produce beautiful exhibits easy and affordable. "
by Ware on 11/7/2017
"The time was quicker than they predicted. Except for their excellent ratings, I would have been leery to try them because the were so cheap and I would worry about quality. But both are excellent. I love my picture. "
by Laura on 11/4/2017
"Great quality, price, and top notch customer service!"
by Johnny on 11/3/2017
"Posters came out terrific. Fast and high quality!"
by Matthew on 11/3/2017
"Excellent customer service, turn around time was fast, and the quality is outstanding!!"
by Michaella on 11/2/2017
"I am a fine artist known for my passionate paintings with intricate detail, lighting and color. I've been very pleased with VIVYX Quality printing and great customer service. I've been able to learn their website navigation but when I have questions, they are quick to respond. Love this company!"
by Camille on 11/1/2017
"excellent service.good quality photos and fast shipping."
by John on 10/31/2017
"The Vivyx team was really helpful when I called to ask a few questions. Upon placing my order, it was completed much faster than I anticipated and the finished product is absolutely beautiful! I'll be ordering again soon!"
by Melissa on 10/30/2017
"Other than not receiving the tracking number for my order everything was great. When I called service rep was fantastic and friendly. "
by Donna on 10/30/2017
"The quality was amazing and my prints came in so fast!! Also a fair price. "
by Allison on 10/29/2017
"great customer service, great turnaround time, great price and the product is fantastic! Absolutely amazing. I will cherish this framed print forever."
by Marcelene on 10/29/2017
"SOO quick I did normal processing / shipping time and it came in the same time express option would have. The quality is AMAZING and the price is unbeatable !!"
by Camille on 10/28/2017
"Excellent quality, fast delivery, great price! Seems like all your customers say the same thing! Because it's true! "
by Tim on 10/28/2017
"I wanted to print a very low quality image, but other printing websites would not let me. But this one did! I really liked the feature that lets you see what it will look like in real life, so I could make sure it was exactly how I wanted it. I also liked the large selection of paper finishes I could choose from. Furthermore, this site had the cheapest prices I could find! :) Once my print delivered, it had no damage or anything and it turned out better than Iíd expected."
by Erin on 10/27/2017
"Great service. FAST. Even better quality."
by Nathan on 10/25/2017
"Great customer service; quick and friendly."
by Mickey on 10/25/2017
"The print quality and paper thickness was good. Shipping time was good. The flimsy cardboard triangular box was not sufficient to stand up to the abuse of shipping. Next time I order I will request a hard cardboard tube. "
by Justin on 10/25/2017
"Super easy process and I liked the quality checker to help with photo sizing."
by Lori on 10/25/2017
"Fantastic Quality, Great Customer Service.. Thrilled with movie poster & will order more. Highly recommend you!! Thank you, Thank you!!"
by Leslie on 10/23/2017
"My print is very fine quality and very beautifully framed. I highly recommend "
by Carrie on 10/23/2017
"Bought the economy posters 24x36 and they turned out great! Paper felt good. Didnít look or feel as cheap as they cost. Very happy. "
by April on 10/21/2017
"The poster sized prints arrived within a week of the order in a sturdy carton with no damage. "
by Helen on 10/21/2017
"Great customer service! Fabric poster came out as we expected."
by Holly on 10/18/2017
"Service was prompt."
by Michelle on 10/18/2017
"Easy website to use for making enlargements. Very fast delivery! Excellent quality!"
by Sandra on 10/17/2017
"Great shipping time and great product! Would definitely buy from again."
by Cindy on 10/16/2017
"Fast. Great Quality. Would definitely use Vivyx again."
by Howard on 10/16/2017
"Very nice print, safe packaging so it arrived in perfect condition."
by Josh on 10/16/2017
"Quick shipping and great quality."
by Jason on 10/15/2017
Displaying 1 to 50 of 3929 total reviews, ordered by date submitted.
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